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Advantages of using KVM in healthcare environments

Advantages of using KVM in healthcare environments

Get access from anywhere

Use KVM switching to bring widely dispersed systems in clinical, administrative, and other areas of your medical facility under control. Increase efficiency and add convenience - our ServSwitch over IP technologies give you access via your local network, WAN, or the Internet - without draining much-needed bandwidth from critical applications.

More flexibility and less clutter

In a constantly evolving environment like healthcare, it is increasingly important to have a flexible IT infrastructure. Our KVM solutions give radiotherapy departments the choice to add equipment and workstations easily when needed, providing the flexibility they require.

Systems are centralised efficiently while a very compact, lightweight device ensures fully comprehensive access to systems without impacting the operational functionality. All this is done with optimised user comfort, creating a quieter and cleaner work space and a safer IT environment in treatment rooms.

Keep patient data private

Solve access control issues: you can track activities and ensure that only authorized users access confidential information. KVM Secure switches help divide your network between secure and unsecure areas, meaning you have the freedom to let staff, patients and visitors use it with the security required to protect all of the sensitive information stored - without the risk of it ever being compromised.

Cut costs

Increase efficiency in your health care operation. Many of our solutions can be connected to existing wiring for seamless integration and no downtime.

KVM solutions for Healthcare

Our clients within healthcare and medical enviroments

In United Kingdom:
  • Leiden University Medical Centre
  • Belfast City Hospital
  • Patientline
  • Fremont Memorial Hospital
  • Oneida County Hospital
In The Nederlands:
  • Banner Pharmacaps
  • UZ Brussel
In Belgium:
  • UMC Utrecht
  • CHU de Liège
  • UZ Gent
In Sweden:
  • Arvika Sjukhus
  • Danderyds Djukhus
  • Skånes Universitetssjukhus MAS
  • Lasarettet i Ystad
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