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Local and remote device management

Local and remote device management

KVM SolutionsProviding customers with secure but easy to use access to their servers and other devices is critical. Whether customers just need to check that their servers are operating correctly, or require the ability to upgrade operating systems and firmware on the fly, remote access solutions need to provide the reliability and security that customers demand.

Often, customers wish to monitor their own power usage within their hosted cabinets to ensure accurate billing and to trend when power upgrades are or will be required.

Our expertise within this requirement is exemplary. From providing simple ServSwitch solutions enabling users to remotely log on to individual servers out of band, through to extensive, integrated KVM and Serial support, all of our remote access solutions feature secure authentication and a lot of them can be integrated with intelligent PDU’s to provide a complete remote access solution including power cycling and BIOS access.

Remote Access solutions tend to use heavy compression to minimise bandwidth whilst providing fast, easy to use connectivity suitable for most broadband circuits. By adjusting resolution, colour depth and utilising bandwidth limiting functions, connections as low as 1Mbps can be fully exploited.

Remember – all Black Box ServSwitch solutions are out of band, so access is provided independent of application status, and therefore we fully support BIOS access on boot up, unlike any software solution available.

ServSwitch DKM

The DKM is our flagship matrix switch, providing instantaneous high-definition switching for applications where video quality is paramount. Utilising catx up to 140 metres and fibre cabling up to 10 km, the DKM provides the solution for even the largest of data centres. With chassis available from 8 ports through to 288, and the ability to cascade chassis, the DKM presents the most flexible high end matrix switching solution.

ServSwitch CX Range

For large scale server management, the CX provides the perfect solution by supporting up to 864 individual VGA, or DisplayPort servers. It provides access from the server room, the control room and supports IP access for remote control. It is scaleable from 8 servers upwards, and utilises catx cabling to achieve distances of up to 300 metres, making it ideal for data centre access for both data centre managers and their customers.

Serial Appliance Access

Not all servers require or even support KVM access. Devices like SUN computers and appliances such as switches and routers, often only support serial access for management. For these devices a terminal server provides all that is required. Each device is connected to a terminal server via a Catx cable with the appropriate cross wired server access module on the end. Secure Terminal Servers provide challenge and authentication, and can be integrated into existing security infrastructure such as LDAP, RADIUS, and Active Directory.


ServSwitch Remote Access

In an existing Data Centre, KVM switches from various manufacturers are often found around the cabinets. Different systems require different access methods and are rarely compatible with each other. We can bring these systems together under a single point of access, providing unified control of all servers independent of KVM manufacturer. These solutions can provide remote as well as local access, and provide an excellent way to update an existing KVM Infrastructure.

GPS Time Servers

For all applications that require accurate time stamping, we have a range of networked GPS Time Servers, that provide time via the NTP protocol. These Time Servers are Stratum 1 providing +/- 100ms overall, and +/- 0.1µs GPS Source. They use an accurate universal atomic clock for reference, and are ideal for closed or secure networks. Time Servers feature automatic GPS lock and time sync and are ideal for time stamping CCTV, DVR recording, access control, and can be used in conjunction with KVM, and Secure Device Servers used for remote access.


Some appliances and servers still benefit from having direct analogue access via a modem. We have a range of analogue modems available, including stand alone, DIN Rail mounted and rack mounted solutions. We also have a range of remote access devices featuring analogue modems for serial access to console ports, with integrated power ports allowing you to reboot and access appliances remotely. These products are ideal to use with switches, routers, edge appliances, serial servers and any mains powered device that requires serial control.

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