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In today's fast-paced corporate environment, resources are limited and demands for idea sharing and real time business collaboration are growing more rapidly than ever. Clear and efficient communication is key. Achieving better meeting efficiency by staying up to date on the latest meeting room technology can be a true competitive advantage both for you and your clients.

Our conference room AV solutions will help your company achieve an immersive collaboration experience that converts into a productive endeavor. From video distribution, wireless presentation, room scheduling and control to interactive digital signage, our conference room technology helps creating an atmosphere that fosters collaboration and improves meeting outcomes.

Wireless Video Collaboration

Huddle Space Configuration diagram: CoalesceWireless Video Collaboration

  • Conference room technology makes collaboration easier.
  • Coalesce® is the meeting technology solution that enables you to have wireless collaboration anywhere, being conference rooms, training centres, meeting rooms or huddle spaces.
  • Share any type of content from any device.

Coalesce® Wireless Presentation System

Room Scheduling / Room Control

Integrated Conference Room Control diagram: ControlBridgeRoom-scheduling / Room-control

Never double-book a conference room again by effectively scheduling meetings with the intuitive In-Session meeting room booking system.

Once you're in the room, achieve integrated control of all room elements through ControlBridge® a single point touch panel and control all Ethernet-enabled devices present in the room.

Video Switching & Distribution

Conference Room diagram: Presentation Switchers, ControlBridge, Coalesce, In-SessionVideo switching and distribution

Easily connect, extend and switch any wired video device to any display in your conference rooms. The simplicity and best-in-class feature set will help you give smooth, professional presentations in rooms of any size.

Digital Signage

Video switching and distribution

Liven up every conference room in your organisation, whether occupied or not. Make the most of your displays when they're not being used by your teams for meetings. Our networked digital signage system offers you the flexibility to deliver the right message to your audience.

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