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6 Tips to Improve Productivity and Engagement in Modern Meeting Rooms

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How to increase productivity and engagement in meeting rooms with the right AV technology

Modern meeting room technology puts total control over all aspects of the meeting space right at your fingertips – from light levels to AV equipment and wireless interactive collaboration tools – so technology never gets in the way of the business at hand.

Erik Delcart, Solution Consultant of Black Box EMEA, explains how collaboration, reservation and room control solutions can help to improve the efficiency, engagement and overall productivity within meeting spaces. That’s important to your organisation, your team and you. This webinar covers the following aspects:

  • How better AV tools result in better meetings
  • How to allow any number of users to wireless connect, share, and control content from any device
  • How to easily locate and instantly schedule/cancel meetings
  • How to control lighting, audio, projectors, displays and video sources from a single interface
  • How to create an eye-popping video wall and easily control the content of each individual display
  • How to connect, extend and switch any wired video source to any conference room display

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